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Shooting Range Warsaw

5 | 2


At least 30 shots from 3 various guns
– Flexible pick up location and time
– Exclusive training and guidance of professionals
Glocks, AKs, shotguns and many more to choose from
– Stunning videos / photos
– Testosterone boost!

Prices start from 39 euros per person




“- They’re armed.
– What was that? Armed? What do you mean armed? Armed with what?
– Err, bad breath, colorful language, feather duster… what do you think they’re gonna be armed with? Guns, you tit!”

What is more manly, social and satisfying at the same time than shooting some guns off with your mates at a shooting range? In Warsaw, during your stag weekend, it surely sound like a thrilling option.
First, you get essential basic training made by a pro gunman who will make sure you can handle the piece properly, maintain good technique and posture, etc. Then, each one of you lads will pick yourself a weapon, choosing from the vast variety ranging from smaller sports guns, 9 mm pistols to heavier barrels, like AK-47 or double-barrel shotguns.

It’s totally up to you, when to say stop and give the guns a rest. You can choose from all the available equipment and have as many shots as available at a time. We have, though, prepared some basic packages to choose from for your Stag Party in Warsaw:

Package 1
10 shots – sports pistol
10 shots – Glock 17
10 shots – AK 47 Kalashnikov

Package 2
10 shots – sports pistol
10 shots – Glock 17
10 shots – AK 47 Kalashnikov
5 shots – shotgun

Package 3
10 shots – sports pistol
10 shots – Glock 17
10 shots – AK 47 Kalashnikov
5 shots– .357 Magnum
5 shots – shotgun

During this extraordinary stag do activity in Warsaw, remember there is an option to get your shooting session digitalized with a camera, to later enjoy the slow-mo moments of releasing bullets!


– your very own PARTY BUS appears at previously designated place (you choose both pick up and drop off points)
– essential training at the venue
– shooting at the range, time depending on chosen package
– shuttle back to hostel/chosen destination
– watching HQ movies & photos from the event

Guns for show, boys!

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Christian | Liverpool

Want to be equal parts John McClane, Dirty Harry and James Bond? Then your stag do needs a gun firing experience with this company 😉 we tried it last week in the group of 13 lads. We would do it again.

Aaron Edwards | Birmingham

This was terrific, all the stag party had a brilliant time. Close to the city centre, great variety of guns, lasted longer than expected got plenty of shooting time with great instructors it was all one on one. If you’re in Warsaw get down & have some fun shooting guns.