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Shock Football Warsaw

5 | 1


– at least one hour of electrifying experience
Revolutionary SHOCK FOOTBALL equipment
sport hall rental – Pitch is indoors and outdoors – depending on weather!
– thrilling scenario of your game
– hilarious commemorative photos
– large amounts of adrenaline

starting from 49PLN per person

*AVAILABLE EXTRAS: HQ Video Footage, %%% (a round of beers after the event), personalized gadgets for winners, possibilityto mix shock football with other crazy variations of the beautiful game (bubble football or binocular football), transport to and from the venue



What is the most thrilling sports discipline around? Bungee jumping? Parachuting? Kickboxing? MMA? NO! The answer is SHOCK FOOTBALL! Buddy Banana has something unique for you. This form of entertainment is truly wicked, crazy, and undoubtedly very memorable!

The idea behind the game is pretty simple – there are two teams of 6 players. In each of them, there are five players running across the field and the one remaining person “controls” the opposite team. What is it all about? Let us explain! 5 players on the field wear electric bands, and the last person from the team is in a place from where he or she can have a full overview of the pitch. He or she also receives remotes to control the bands worn by the opponents. By pressing proper buttons, the said supervisor provides external stimuli that may totally change the situation on the field. The bands worn by players are powered by means of AAA batteries. Their voltage is high, but their amperage is remarkably low. Therefore, they can shock players for a short time, putting players off their stride. The “General” can use the remote controlling the band of one of the players on the field once during every quarter. During the match, there are four 10-minute quarters. When the „General” has used his or her remote, it is confiscated by the referee and returned at the beginning of the next quarter.

Can you imagine that? Your team slowly and steadily creates a one-of-kind situation, the ball is passed between the players brilliantly. It is finally passed to a player being in front of an empty goal. Typically, there is almost 100 % chance of scoring…but not while playing shock football! In such a case, the „General” can have her or her say and shock the shooter right before him or her scoring the winning goal. Can you imagine such a situation? Afterwards, all the players on the field will be rolling on the pitch laughing!

Does the idea seem a bit unusual, crazy, and wicked? Shock football is exactly like that! It is not the game for couch potatoes and mama’s boys. If you love adrenaline, extreme sports, as well as you are willing to try new ways of spending your free time – shock football is just perfect for you! Create your team, show how bold you all are, and take advantage of the unusual possibility of playing shock football together with Buddy Banana!
If you want to be one of first players in Poland or even in the world participating in a shock football match, do not hesitate and choose shock football with Buddy Banana!

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Richard | Leeds

This game has a game changing twist that may give you a slight shock…literally. Everyone will have a shocker strapped to them that can be activated at any time.