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Fear Zone


60 minute Fear Zone exclusive hire (max 20 participants)
unique scenario of a stag party survival competition
– spontaneous photo shoots from journey into the realm of darkness (it will be easy to see who of you Guys is a school girl)

Prices start from 19 euros per person



Getting in is easy, it’s the getting out that’s the killer.

After making a reservation, the Fear Zone will be available only for you – for brave individuals willing to take their stag party to the next level. We know that you may think that all the horror-related activities are predictable and not scary at all…allow us to prove you wrong. Thanks to the meticulously created atmosphere, you will have no idea what creeps behind the corner. You will traverse narrow corridors and dark halls with your friends, trying to leave the room without passing out or screaming as loud as you can. What will you encounter? A serial killer? A witch? A creepy stalker? You will not know…and the surprise will add to the experience, making it truly unique and breathtaking. Just remember – while making a decision to try your luck in the Fear Zone, you have to stick to it. After starting your adventure, you will be left alone with your deepest fears and there will be no one there to help you. Are you ready for such a thrilling experience?


After getting to the abandoned shelter in Warsaw’s downtown 10m beneath the Surface, your party will be splitted into smaller teams (up to 6ppl), get briefed and..

– you will enter the room in a full darkness, not knowing what to do and where to go next,
– the only item you will be equipped with will be a strong flashlight (one per group),
– your goal will be simple – to survive till the end of the Fear Zone experience,
– your team will be required to solve a set of puzzles to do so,
– remember, you have to be wary of dangers that may be waiting for you behind every single corner!
– some groups have not made it to the end and have not seen the ending of the experience…will you be bolder and manage to suppress the urge to escape?

You will surely not forget your trip there, as it will change your way of perceiving the world quite substantially. You will not be able to sleep at night, worried that someone or something may attack or scare you …and it is our goal exactly 😉 That is why we address our offer to bravest man in our country only – if you want your stag party to be full of spooks and scares, there is no better way to go than to visit our Fear Zone!

‘ADD TO MY STAG’ if You can overcome your fear and survive till the end…

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