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Football Pitch Hire


Rent your own exclusive venue to play a 5-a-side or any other game with your lads!
– Flexible pick up location and time from your hotel
best sports venues in Warsaw (matches played indoors or outdoors on turf or artifical grass pitches)
– Polish/English speaking person’s assistance
Option to play Bubble Football, Beach Soccer, Binocular Football and Shock Football
– Stunning videos / photos from the game
– Testosterone boost!

Prices start from 5 euros per person for basic package



„Football. Bloody hell.”
OK, one can argue on this one, but in my opinion there is no proper stag weekend in Warsaw without some footy involved, end of conversation. What is more, playing a 5-a-side with your mates is social and satisfying and testosterone boosting at the same time! It is either a great option to start your weekend and boost your energy levels before hitting the clubs, or a nice way of sweating out last night’s sins on the pitch.

We, in turn, know our whereabouts and will help you rent a football venue in Warsaw. You can choose from indoor sports halls with wooden flooring or some more advanced artificial grass indoor/outdoor pitches with larger goals and playing field. We will make sure your venue is the best combination of availability, quality and price and is matched to your needs.

Please remember about our specialty – Bumber balls available to rent! There is no other such wicked version of traditional footy as these rubber doughnut-like inflatable balls can provide. Tackling was never so much fun and was never so safe at the same time! Also, check out our other attractions listed below!

Package 1
Only football pich rental in Warsaw (venue):
– Renting the venue
Cost per person: 95 pln

Package 2
Venue & Football package
– Renting the venue
– Providing a ball to play and refereeing the game + animation

Package 3
Bumber Ball Game
– Renting the venue
– Providing a ball to play and refereeing the game + animation
– Exclusive Rental of 10 Bumper Balls ®
“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

Package 4
Binocular Football Game
– At least one hour of hilarious sporting action
– GOGGLES which mess with your perception and impair your vision
– Sports hall rental – Pitch is indoors and outdoors – depending on weather!
– Extremely funny scenario of your game
– hilarious commemorative photos

Package 5
Shock Football Game
– At least one hour of electrifying experience
– Revolutionary SHOCK FOOTBALL equipment
– Sports hall rental – Pitch is indoors and outdoors – depending on weather!
– Thrilling scenario of your game
– Hilarious commemorative photos
– Large amounts of adrenaline


– you let us know how many of you want to play and what kind of game/attraction
– we rent the venue and make sure all logistics are sound
– depending on the chosen option you receive our services
– shuttle back to hostel/chosen destination
– watching HQ movies & photos from the event

C’mon lads!

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