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Escape Room Warsaw



– A specially designed and set up escape room with multiple challenges for you and your lads! (see rooms’ description below)
– Multiple logic enigmas to break
– English speaking person’s assistance
– Finding hidden rooms, using various equipment, solving various puzzles
– Cooperation and lots of fun for everyone

starting from 15 euros per person



Trying to get out, obviously! You and few of your mates are going to be placed in one of the escape rooms in Warsaw and you have to make your way out using the objects you see and …your mind and imagination. Many items inside the escape room may look casual but when you start connecting the dots…suddenly everything starts to make sense! To make the game more thrilling, there is usually a time limit set for each room or scenario. Locked room games are on cameras so that the assistant can give you tips during the play.

Warsaw Escape Room is surely a nice alternative for typical stag do activities. We have 5 totally different escape rooms available and there are more coming soon. Each 60 minutes game involves 2-6 people that need to cooperate with each other so that you can work under time pressure and put your team efforts into achieving the goal, which is getting out of the locked room before the time is up. You don’t want to be left in the dungeon, lab or basement forever (remember “The Saw?). Well, the clock is ticking, so start making your moves!

As mentioned before, there are various rooms with different objects, hints and scenarios, so that you can try different versions of this stag party area when visiting Warsaw. Tell us how many of you guys are in the group and we will choose the best location and some cool scenarios to choose from.


It all happens thousands years before century… There is war. You are about to enter the old temple where you need to find an ancient artifact. The artifact will ensure you the victory. The only way to get it is to explore the temple during the full moon. Can you find the artifact to help our ancestors to win the war?
In this room we used two tons of materials for decoration. We also chose special lighting and music to match the atmosphere of the story. It all enables you to move to a different world where you can expect a lot of interesting and various riddles.

Recently a group of young archaeologists found an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The research conducted proved that the tomb emits mystery energy. The whole pyramid is covered with Egyptian numbers and hieroglyphs. It turned out that they are clues which can help to get out of the pyramid. The scientists warn that there are some electronic systems hidden inside which were unknown for Egyptians.
The room pyramid is in the attic and its shape resembles the pyramid. This escape room is the result of several months of working, where we used 400 metres of cables, hundreds kilograms of wood, thousands screws. Additionally, the climate is made by the proper lighting and music. The riddles here require logical thinking, connecting facts and observation and manual skills.

This time you are in the crazy doctor’s garage. He made a time machine, but during the travelling in time, he got lost somewhere in the past. Your task is to find the date to bring the doctor back to reality.
This escape room is a garage full of unconventional, electronic solutions. We do not used any padlocks in our riddles. The players need to think logical, cooperate and look around very carefully. We take you for a journey in the past to bring back the best childhood memories. The decorations, music and lighting match the atmosphere.

Your attention was caught by a peculiar sound coming from the attic. And you went there to check it …
It turned out that these unearthly sounds are coming from your own …. TV gaming console which is not connected to the network!
Quickly, you decide to check if it’s working. You plug the device in, press the power button and … The sound goes silent and the console starts to drag your body into its inside…
After a few moments you already understand that you are inside of an 8-bit world and in order to get out of it, you need to finish the game someone started a long, long time ago …

The VR Room follows the latest technologies. We prepared four open spots for our guests (each one with over 10 games to choose from) and two professional car racing slots.
We give our visitors a chance to transfer themselves into a virtual world and try their skills in various games, selected to suit all kinds of players. Only solid names, recognized by gamers worldwide made their way to our offer. The saloon has been divided into areas in a way to provide maximum comfort and fun for all guests.


– you let us know how many of you want to play and which room/scenario you find fancy
– we rent the venue and make sure all logistics are sound
– depending on the chosen option you receive our services
– shuttle back to hostel/chosen destination is optional
– optionally we can prepare a post-event video and photos

Let’s play a game!

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