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Binocular Football Warsaw


– at least one hour of hilarious sporting action
GOGGLES which mess with your perception and impair your vision
sport hall rental – Pitch is indoors and outdoors – depending on weather!
– extremly funny scenario of your game
– hilarious commemorative photos

starting from 15 euros per person

*AVAILABLE EXTRAS: HQ Video Footage, %%% (a round of beers after the event), personalized gadgets for winners, possibilityto mix BINOCULAR FOOTBALL with other crazy variations of the beautiful game (bubble football or shock football), transport to and from the venue



You might have noticed that we truly like telling you about „taking things to the next level” or using such adjectives as „unprecedented”, „extraordinary”, or „unusual”. It is going to be the same in this case! It is hard to behave in a different manner when you have the possibility of turning clients’ world upside down. It may not be the greatest twist you have ever seen, but we are more than sure that you will highly appreciate our unique and unusual offer.

‘Binocular Football’ is a fun-packed football variation including goggles. At the beginning, the match starts similarly to a typical football match you know and love. However, the aforementioned goggles turns your perspective upside down – in the blink of an eye, the ball is 10 times closer to you, just to be 10 times further than you think a second later. The number of possible fails and missed situations is virtually endless in this game. You look for a ball, prepare to take a shot…and you end up kicking the air. You must remember one simple thing, though. The game is not all about scoring fantastic goals and shocking spectators with your technical skills. It is mainly about great fun. Competition in the exact sense of the word is a secondary goal.

Reaction time decrease, image distortion, distance distortion, and double vision are only some effects of our goggles. From spectators’ point of view, where’s the ball football is like watching a favorite sitcom on Comedy Central. How does it look from the perspective of the player? Book a desired date, put on our goggles, and check it for yourself. We already know how it is and we can ensure you that the excitement is real!

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