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Beach Bubble Football Warsaw

Beach Bubble Football package includes:

– An Exclusive Mix of two Summer Sports!
– English speaking staff
– Bumper Balls rental
– Booked beach venue
– Lots Of Laugh, Bumping and Rivalry!
Prices start from 19 euros per person



Tackling your wrapped-in-a-big-ball mates!

Most of you have heard about ‘beach soccer’ (sorry for mentioning the word ‘soccer’ but that’s what it’s called globally). Most of you, most probably, must have heard about bubble football or bumper balls – a game where two opposing teams play 5-a-side wrapped inside big inflatable balls made of rubber gum. Banana once said we should combine these two and make an outstanding summer attraction in Warsaw: Beach Bubble Football!

This game will make you sweat, laugh and bump all over the place. You will be wrapped around a big plastic inflatable ball and you will struggle to show any of your football skills or you’ll play tactical defense and – instead of parking a bus – you will make the most vicious tackles on your lads 🙂 Just to say, a decent tackle can bump your opponent off a few good feet! The fact that the game is played on a sandy surface is an additional difficulty, if you’re thinking of some finesse passes, great crosses or spectacular volleys, but this will actually add some more smiles to your day.



– you let us know how many footie amateurs want to play
– we make sure the beach is safe and sound. And booked, of course.
– hotel/hostel pickup is optional,
– you show up and warm up!
– the instructor helps you get inside the balls and move your way around
– a camera man / whole professional broadcasting crew is optional

All right lads, this doesn’t slip now!

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