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Archery Tag Warsaw



70 minute of fierce archery-oriented competition
football pitch changed into a real battlefield
– changing rooms with showers
2 animators who will take care of you
– many possible game scenarios to choose from
– water supply for the group
– Bonus: highly addictive fun and tons of unforgettable entertainment

starting from 15 euros per person



When it comes to a one-of-a-kind stag party Warsaw offers all the adrenaline lovers out there 70-minute Archery Tag session. However, before delving right into the game, you probably would like to be informed about its nature, wouldn’t you? We are here to tell you about the nitty-gritty of Archery Tag. The attraction that has been recently introduced to our offer is a adrenaline-packed and funny form of paintball, in which you use your bow instead of a gun and try to shoot your friends using real arrows. Do not let the fact that the latter will be secured with protective components discourage you! Knowing that you will not hurt your friends, you can go all the way and feel like a real Robin Hood shooting bad guys hiding behind the trees and in the bushes. In this case, your friends will be the baddies you will have to deal with as fast as possible. The game will become even more challenging and rewarding when you acknowledge that their goal is to show you that they are much better at using their bows than you are. The result of such a skirmish will be not only exciting, but also hilarious in nature – just imagine dozens of arrows flying all over the place and hitting the spots they have not been intended to. Have you been trying to shoot a friend standing 5 meters away from you, but you shot a tree trunk 20 meters away from the target instead? Do not worry! After a burst of laughter, take another arrow, aim, and shoot…if the representative of the opposite team has not been quicker than you!

Stag party Warsaw, and Archery Tag – doesn’t it sound like a perfect combination?


– Pick your teams
– You’ll be given a quick safety briefing and taught the rules of the game
– Warm up game before the ultimate challenge
– Action and arrows start to fly and then it’s go time!
– Game faces on, sh** just got real!
– Games are split into 10 minute sessions

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