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Warsaw Stag Do: Beach Bubble Football + Beach Bar (Episode 3)

99 amazing stags for just 99 PLN / day (Episode 3)

Warsaw Stag Do – 99 amazing stag scenarios for just 99 PLN/day (Episode 2)

Here’s another Warsaw amazing stag scenario! We’ll prove you that Warsaw is a perfect summer destination.
Welcome to Warsaw! A city where the modern urban architecture meets the natural beauty or Vistula River landscapes. To prove our point that Warsaw is also a nice summer destination we prepared a stag scenario for hot sunny afternoon and night. We’ll start with an ordinary place but an extraordinary activity: Beach Bubble Football!


Daytime activity: PLAY BEACH BUBBLE FOOTBALL by Vistula river in Warsaw

Beach Bubble Football – we are also the biggest bubble football provider in Poland -

This game will make you sweat, laugh and bump all over the place. Wrapped around a plastic inflatable ball, you will struggle to show your football skills and score a few goals… or you’ll just turn into Vinnie Jones of bubble football and keep tackling your opponents (or teammates, doesn’t matter) who – after a heavy bump – will fly yards away. And it’s going to be so funny 🙂 The fact that the game is played on a sandy surface is an additional difficulty, if you’re thinking of some finesse passes, great crosses or spectacular volleys, but will definitely add some more smiles to your day.

Dining / Nightlife: NA LATO (ROZBRAT 44A, WARSAW) – Lovely spot located in Powiśle

Na Lato, photo courtesy of the owners

After such dehydrating activity one cannot go without proper re-hydration and we all know that an ice-cold beverage is more than appreciated in such conditions. When the sun is up, you’ll want to spend some time outside, sipping your favourite bevvy in place that offers laid-back atmosphere. Hence, we’ll take you to Na Lato resto bar.

This lovely spot located in Powisle is perfect to revive yourselves after the heave Bubble Football workout. With a nice Mediterranean menu and really cozy interior design, it surely will satisfy even the most elaborate tastes.

Now, as the power is back and it’s slowly getting dark, we should change and head towards a nice place to party at night. You’re bloody right! We’re staying here then!

Since after dusk, Na lato restaurant suddenly turns from a rather quiet venue into a lively cocktail bar with full range of cocktails based on carefully selected liquors. During weekends, this lot gets filled people dancing to the music of Warsaw finest DJs and stays up until dawn. Those longing for summer laziness can stretch out on sunbeds in front of the club and enthusiasts of dancing fever can hit the dancefloor inside. All in all, Na lato makes a perfect spot you won’t like to abandon!

How to find this place?

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