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Things to do in Warsaw FOR FREE – full guide 2018

Top Things To Do in Warsaw FOR FREE – full guide 2018


So you’re in Warsaw, been partying a little over the top and ended up skinned? That’s not gonna be a big problem, mate! For such times, we’ve prepared a list of top things to do in Warsaw in 2018, with random sequence. Free of charge:)

Before we start this exciting journey, I would like to make sure you know how to reach your favourite dose of information. Select your favourite section simply by clicking one of the following categories:


I.    Sightseeing tours

II.   Warsaw museums

III.  Cultural events

IV.  Party & Chill

V.   Free Festivities

VI.  Unusual Happenings

VII. Unusual Places

I.  SIGHTSEEING TOURS – what is the best way to discover Warsaw?


1st Thing to do in Warsaw – Free Walking Tours

If you don’t feel like doing too much online research nor planning your day ahead – this might be just a perfect solution. All you need to do is drag your a*se down to the meeting point (yes, you might wanna check where it is beforehand) and wait for the free guided tour to begin.

Depending on the chosen tour company, there are different starting points and various routes & tour themes. No matter which one you decide upon, it is going to be run by a young, very knowledgeable tour guide with positive attitude and passion, as only those can make it to any free guided tour team.  It’s your chance to get really familiar with the history, landmarks and local legends and it definitely will be something you’ll remember, apart from all the crazy stuff happening at nights … As a bonus, you get the best and most up-to-date recommendations of restaurants, pubs or which strip clubs to avoid and why J

No need to google, here are two companies offering free tours around Warsaw attractions whose services we recommend:

You might ask ‘what tours do I think are the 1st choice for stags?’ – I was intent on asking them the same, let’s have a look at what they recommend.

Bartosz “Błażej” Mildner
fot. Mariusz Nurkiewicz

Walkative! tour guides always try to create a memorable experience for their guests. We assume that mainly thanks to fun facts our tourists can get to know Warsaw better. For the members of stag parties we definitely recommend the participation in two of our tours – Old Town and Foods & Beers of Warsaw.

The Old Town tour it is our basic city tour during which our guests can get to know Warsaw in general. Our guides talk about: Middle Ages – the origins of the city, Nazi occupation during the World War II, details about the life of Fryderyk Chopin and Madame Curie, and much more. Each of the stories is presented in an interesting and simple way. Of course, there are a lot of important details that will help to understand the complicated and very interesting history of Warsaw.

In addition, we suggest our tour about the specialties of local cuisine – Foods & Beers of Warsaw (please note this tour is a paid one and needs to be booked in advance). Tasting delicious things is one thing. But first of all, it is a great solution to get to know the city and its history in a very… tasty way.

Two tours – two options. Which one to choose? Both of course!

Where are the meeting points located?

Free Walkative! Tour company starts at one of the following meeting points:

Zygmunt’s Column on the Castle Square

  • Historic Center – Old Town in Warsaw (Nov-Mar: everyday at 10:30 am, Mar-Oct: everyday at 10:30 am, 2pm & 4pm)
  • Jewish Warsaw (all year: everyday at 2pm)
  • Warsaw at War (Nov – 23rd Mar: every Tue, Thu, Sat at 11:00 am)

Next to the Palm Tree

  • Communist Warsaw (Nov – Mar: Mon, Thu & Sun at 2:00 pm, Apr – Oct: Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun at 2:00 pm)

St. Florian’s Cathedral, Floriańska 3 Street

  • Alternative Warsaw (Nov – 23rd Mar: Mon, Fri at 10:30 am)

In contrast, all the Orange Umbrella Free Tours start next to Sigimund’s Column (Polish: kolumna Zygmunta) in Castle Square (Polish: Plac Zamkowy) in the Old Town of Warsaw. They don’t mention within their website the maximum number of people who can join the tour. Nevertheless, the booking is required. Remember that all tours are pay-as-you-wish ones – you’re free to join the tour, you’re also free to leave at any point, you’re not charged for the tickets. The only kind of remuneration their guides receive is donations/tips at the end of the tour. You’re free to decide how much the tour was worth or how much you can afford to donate.

II.  WARSAW MUSEUMS – which of them offer free entry to visitors?


2nd Thing to do in Warsaw – Sunday visit to the Warsaw Rising Museum


OK, we do realize that a trip to the museum sounds more like an option for families with kids or for old farts, but trust us – there are a few that make really memorable points of your excursion. One definitely not-to-miss is:

The Warsaw Rising Museum – a tribute to the brave who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital. Although your first association may lead towards martyrdom, this one is much more than just another war museum. Its multimedia character will take you back in time and make you literally feel like watching the uneasy action of 1944 when 85% of the city was bombed to the brick by Nazi Germans. Free admission every Sunday.

You will all be able to grasp the scale of devastation inflicted on the Polish capital by Nazi German forces in World War Two with the help of a 3D film. The six-minute film “City of Ruins” simulates the flight of an allied B-25 bomber of the type that flew sorties with supplies for the insurgents during their 63 days of struggle that have become a symbol of Poland’s resistance to tyranny.

3rd Thing to do in Warsaw – The Royal Palace

One of the most important and monumental buildings of the country is located in the heart of Warsaw Old Town and is open free on Sundays. It’s an absolute Warsaw must-sees and besides the obvious cultural, architectural and historical values that the Royal Castle has to offer, there is a bonus of magnificent scenic views of the city.

Speaking of royal things, one more Warsaw attraction is worth paying a visit:

4th Thing to do in WarsawThe Royal Lazienki Museum


The Royal Lazienki was a summer residence for King Stanislaw August – it is a complex of classicist buildings surrounded by enormous and beautiful gardens. In fact, locals would argue whether it’s the Palace on the Isle or one of the four gardens: the Royal Gardenthe Romantic Gardenthe Modernist Garden or the Chinese Garden that is the most beautiful part of the whole.

If you don’t feel like visiting another museum (opens free every Thursday), you will most definitely enjoy a soothing stroll down one of the quiet alleys surrounded by trees, shrubs and flowers, with birds chirping above your head. Trust us – that’s a perfect place to cure a hangover J
Especially, if you can be a spectator to one of the…


5th Thing to do in Warsaw – International Open Air Festival, Jazz at the Old Town

Concerts take place every Saturday in July and August. Jazz at the Old Town is open to the public. You can find all info under the following website:

6th  Thing to do in Warsaw – Free Chopin Concerts

Held in Royal Lazienki in the summer season are a unique series of piano recitals of several dozen artists of worldwide renown who consider performing at this event as an honour. What can be more relaxing than a combination of beautiful natural surroundings and great piano music?

If anything, it can only be the…



7th Thing to do in Warsaw – The Beach on Vistula River banks

Of course, Warsaw is none of a typical sunny holiday destination but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the sandy beach located on the Vistula boulevards, especially on a nice sunny day in the season! With lots of bars, clubs and various stalls located around, the boulevards give lots of positive vibes and gather young, cheerful people who come there to chill out. Just find a perfect spot for yourself and decide if you’d rather have a pint in an off-the-beaten path place or mix in the bouncing party shakers!

Just to save you hours of searching for useful information on the web, I challenged myself with some tricky questions about life by the river and decided to find possibly best answers that only very-up-to-date locals know. So let’s start! Hope you find them as interesting addition to your upcoming stag weekends in Warsaw.

What is best bonfire site in Warsaw?

Poniatówka Beach, wild beach in the centre (next to Poniatowski bridge, Pragian side, Warsaw). This beach is still something unique for the European capital. In the centre of the city you have a wild and wide beach. You can have a bonfire there, sunbathe, play volleyball or even enjoy bubble football game

Where can I buy a disposable grill? (it might be even better than bonfire)

BBQ season in Poland starts in May – disposable barbecues are easily accessible then. ‘Żabka’ (they have a frog in their logotype), a convenience grocery store is almost just around every corner. You can drop in there or find any hypermarket or discounter store situated in the city center (there is one in The Złote Tarasy (Golden Terraces) – a commercial complex located next to the Warszawa Centralna railway station between the Jana Pawła II and Emilii Plater streets)

Plan is simple – everything you guys need is charcoal + disposable grill + couple of decent Polish draft beers (be sure to watch my youtube channel and see which of them are at the forefront of Polish beer-revolution this year J).

If I was about to name 5 best summer bars in Warsaw, what would I recommend?

Pomost 511 (the longest river in Poland reaches its 511th kilometer right here) – personally my favouirte one. If the event line-up for 2018 gonna be of same quality like last year, you can be sure that choosing Pomost 511 is the right move. From free open-air theatre and stunning new works being staged there each Tuesday through open-air cinema to great parties. Pomost 511 crew runs also a foundation that takes care of all kind of activities on the water. Best way to check

BarKa – white barge between Świętokrzyski and railway bridge

Miami Wars – the southernmost spot with little peninsula and ultra comfortable hammocks

Hocki Klocki – I like the way named this place – „best club-like space under the open air in Warsaw”

LaPlaya – really nice spot to watch the sun set over the city (stunning panorama of the Old Town). Perfect to cure hangover after heavy night out or just a good place for afternoon chillout or some beach sport activities – they offer decent beach volleyball/badminton courts with the gear available at the bar for free. Frankly, if the future bride is kind of a party warrior – you should rather transfer to Pomost 511, Cud Nad Wisłą, BarKa or Hocki Klocki, unless you like places with a heavy emphasis on Latin beats.

8th Thing to do in WarsawOpen-air films in Warsaw in summer 2018


Closer to May 2018 you can expect me to release the full list of places where you can experience open-air screenings upcoming summer. Pola Mokotowskie, Park Szczęśliwicki, BUW Gardens, Copernicus Science Center (Park), Cinema in Royal Łazienki Park, „Cinema under clouds” in the Prochownia Żoliborz were by far my favourite summer locations situated close to the City Centre.


9th Thing to do in Warsaw – daybreak at Zegrze Lake (20km away from Warsaw)


I’ve been living in Warsaw for quite some time and I used to connect Zegrze mainly with words like crowds, banana youngsters & horrible traffic. Nevertheless, tens of trips there helped me to discover the optimum set of rules that make my every escape with lads there an unforgettable one. If you are curious what they are – check the simple rules and make sure you take them to heart before you decide to organize the trip to Zegrze Lake by yourselves.

Rule 1 – think twice before you decide to go there on hot days as places with public access to water are really crowded and it takes hours to get there from Warsaw and back; I bet you don’t want to waste your precious time for hitting all the heavy traffic going to the lake

Rule 2 – don’t choose public places

Rule 3 – don’t take public transport; take advantage of Veturilo (a public bicycle sharing system in Warsaw) + connect this with Fast City Rail ( to Legionowo. It takes around 30 minutes by bike to get from Legionowo to Zegrze Lake. What is more, you can easily reach surrounding villages



So we could stay in celebration mood a bit longer, let’s think about free open-air festivities that take place in Warsaw every year. What is planned for 2018?


10th Thing to do in WarsawFree festivities in Warsaw in 2018


Garlands on the Vistula (June) – one of the biggest outdoor event in Warsaw (every year over 100 thousand people celebrate this night at Podzamcze). This event prepared by Stołeczna Estrada is very rich both in terms of music and folkloric references to ancient rites and Kupala Night’s rituals. Last year’s list of participating artists was strongly impressive. At midnight the sky above the Vistula river will be set alight by a fireworks shoe

New Year’s Eve – the biggest open-air party of the year

Warsaw Beer Festival – organizers have not indicated the exact date yet but it is almost 100% sure that they repeat it in 2018. Usually, 50 best craft breweries from Poland and rest of Europe present their beers. Beers are poured from more than 350 taps. So far, the Festival was held at Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium of Marshal Józef Piłsudski at Łazienkowska 3 St.



11th Thing to do in Warsaw – Join the Night of the Museums in Warsaw  

Currently over 120 major European cities organize their own museum nights. 2018 edition is planned on May 19th. When I am thinking about upcoming edition, one question strongly strikes my head – which museums would I recommend as most amazing ones? Here come the list – top of mind locations for me!

Experiment with Copernicus – this interactive center which popularizes science is only a few years old and has already become one of the places you’ve got to see in Warsaw. The Copernicus Center is giant Exploratorium with interactive exhibitions in which you can test the laws of physics with your own hands.

Admire unique neon signs – Warsaw’s neon signs from the 1960s and 70s were a unique phenomenon around the world. During the austere era of Communist Poland when colourful adverts of western companies were not very popular with the authorities, clever advert designers enjoyed a little more freedom to use their imagination when making unconventional shop windows, murals and neon signs. The Neon Muzeum collects old neons, archives and historical research from the golden period of Polish advertising. The museum is located in the Soho Factory in Praga.

The Museum of Technology in the Palace of Culture and Science presents the achievemenet of Communist Poland’s industry, such as the Frania washing machine, a mini Fiat 126, Osa scooters and Odra computers. There are many interesting things to see here, among them, a model of Youri Gagarin’s spaceship Vostok, and manual telephone switches, 19th century printing machines, motor cars over a hundred years old, similarly old push-bikes, and more.

The Warsaw Filter Station – one of the most complex waterworks projects of late 19th century Europe.