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How to pick up a Polish girl for dummies.

Polish-English guide to pick up a Polish girl made by Banana Crew

You’re planning a stag do in Warsaw so you and your mates are most definitely craving some quality time in quality company. Female company, that is, of course. And we’re not talking about hookers this time 😉 We’re talking about a perfectly natural normal thing, which in this situation, would be trying to hook up with Polish girl. You’ve probably heard those legends about how cute Polish chicks are, and every one of you lads is now wondering if that is of any true. Well… don’t be surprised if you a lot like these:

SO, let’s start with some basics!

Part One – Greetings

You need to smile and be a friendly guy if you want a nice Polish chick to talk with you! Don’t act like a d***, most don’t like that, we tell you. Just use one of the below greetings, depending on the type of situation and time of day:

  • Cześć mała (cheshch ma-wa) – translated ‘hey chick’ – you’d sound funny but girls things it’s cute with a foreign accent 😉
  • Siema (shemah) – a regular greeting amount younger peeps
  • Cześć (cheshch) – simple, neutral hi you can say to everyone
  • Bardzo mi miło (bar-dzough mee mee-wo) – my pleasure (when meeting a person)
  • Dzień dobry (jane DOH-brih) – good morning
  • Dobry wieczór (DOH-brih VYEH-choor) – good evening
  • Jak się masz? – (yahk shay mahsh) How are you? (informal)

Part Two – Introduction

Now you’ve done with the hardest part, so time to tell her your name ask for hers.

  • Jak masz na imię? (Yack mash nah ee-mye) – What’s your name
  • Mam na imię …. (Mahm nah ee-mye …..) – My name’s …….
  • Jestem …..(yes-tehm ….) – I’m ……

Quick bonus tip: If you look like Ryan Gosling, tell her you’re Ryan Gosling.

Back to the Polish-English guide to pick up a Polish girl made by Banana Crew. You’ll be better off if you are polite in the company of a Polish lady. You should use words like:

  • Proszę (PROH-sheh) – please / here you are
  • Dziękuję (jen-KOO-yeh) – thank you
  • Dzięki (JEN-kee) – thanks (informal)
  • Przepraszam – I’m sorry / excuse me (psheh-PRAH-shahm)

Now, as you two know each other, time to make up a move:

  • Ask her: – Masz chłopaka? (Mash h-wopacka?) – do you have a boyfriend?
  • Compliment: Jesteś piękna (Yes-tesh pyen-knah)
  • Compliment some more: Wyglądasz cudownie (Vy-glown-dash tsoo-dov-nyeh) – You look stunning
  • Complement like a badass: Zajebiście wyglądasz! (Za-ye-beesh-che vy-glown-dash!) – you look f*cking good!)
  • And ask: Chcesz drinka? (h-tsesh dree-kah?)
  • Or ask to dance: Zatańczymy? (Za-tun-chy-meh?)

Some extra handy phrases.

Okay, that would be about it… from now on your own!

Well, just in case we’re leaving some handy phrases like:

  • Nie mówię po polsku. – I don’t speak Polish (nyeh MOO-vyeh poh pohl-skoo) 
  • Nie rozumiem – I don’t understand (nyeh roh-ZOO-myem) 
  • Na zdrowie! – Cheers! / Bless you! (lit. For health!) (nah ZDROH-vyeh)
  • Legia Warszawa! (Leg-ya Var-shavva!) – Legia supporters’ chant – use with care and only in Warsaw!