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France in Warsaw – the essential guide for everything French in Warsaw

French Warsaw – que faire à Varsovie ?

Bonjour les voyageurs!

Inspired by the recent visit of a couple of French groups, we sat down with a bottle of wine and prepared a list of top French picks in Warsaw 2019. As you may conjecture, you’ll find a lot of French cuisine venues of its best kind. There can be no other start to the French trip, than a café en terrasse…

…and the most French-like place to have a coffee at would be the Bar at Warszawa Powiśle, just off the Powisle train station. The building looks like a flying saucer in the purest style of communist architecture. In summer, a gigantic terrace of sun loungers furnishes the entrance. Concerts are regularly organized, as are evenings with DJs. The clientele is young, friendly, can be hipster on the edges but we do not consider it to be a big word, in this particular case.

Where to buy the real French full-butter croissant?

But there’s no way to have a coffee without a proper French snack.

When it comes to croissants, there’s a place worth mentioning and it’s called Saint Honoré located on Mokotowska Street. This bakery chain with a wide range of traditional French bread, viennoiserie as well as salty and sweet snacks. Their crunchy baguettes and croissants are prepared from the best natural ingredients that will satisfy the taste of many a connoisseur of flavors.é-120868361263937

Yet, there’s one more place that needed to make this list of top French venues in Warsaw. Bistro Charlotte has all its breads and baguettes kneaded and baked on the spot several times a day. They make the dough on sourdough from wild yeast living on the skins of grapes that come from organic farming. The bread is hand-made and baked on stone under the supervision of experienced bakers. High-quality wheat flour and rye flour, sea salt and water used for their products makes this place unique. The extended fermentation process has a huge impact on the quality of the bread, because the lactic bacteria that then reproduce improve the nutritional value of wheat bread and reduce gluten intolerance. And there’s a bonus as well – a beautiful terrace, some even say the most beautiful in Warsaw.

What is the best crêperie in Warsaw?

Another French way to start the day is to have crêpes. And the best crêperie in Warsaw, in our opinion, is Manekin. You can choose from two locations, Marszalkowska and Plac Konstytucji. Both have an elegant, ambiguous and even mysterious interior and serve several various types of pancakes. No matter if sweet and unsweet, they are made with passion and certainly would be able to compete in France 🙂

What is my top French pick in Warsaw for 2019? – Bistro La Cocotte

Now it’s time to cut to the chase. I mean, cheese.

OK, enough of the entrées. Now it’s time to cut to the chase. I mean, cheese. And when it comes to cheese, there’s onle place in Warsaw we can recommend – The House of Cheese (surprising name, isn’t it?). This small restaurant is located right above the cheese delicatessen in Kabaty area. The food is home cooked, and there’s a great choice on the regularly changing menu and is exceptional value for money. In the summer you can also enjoy the enchanting outdoor area!

Cheese MUST go with wine. Although, there are just as many “favourites” in this category, making it impossible to choose the best wine bar in Warsaw, we’d like to recommend Mielżyński Wines Spirits Specialties located on Burakowska Street. This place just bursts with passion to wine, offers a vast selection of wines from – literally – all across the globe, and has wine-derived liquors. Not to mention all kinds of snacks and cuisine to match wine tasting.

To finish the list we need a place that would thoroughly represent French cuisine and atmosphere – simply – the best French restaurant in Warsaw. There is a special place that can make the crème de la crème of this culinary list. It’s called Bubbles Bar & Restaurant is considered to be one of the best bars in Warsaw. Bubbles mission is to show that champagne can be used not only for celebration, but also perfectly goes with simple yet delicious meals. Friendly, cozy and welcoming atmosphere is the most outstanding characteristic of the place where you will find real champagnes, specialties from Italy and France, homemade liqueurs and surprising gems from local manufacturers.

The French Day celebrated annually in Warsaw?

You need to know that this list could be easily doubled, or tripled (depending on the amount of wine we’d have when writing). There are many more hidden gems offering a taste of France in Warsaw and each single one of them may surprise you a lot. French culture and cuisine has always been well appreciated in the capital of Poland. To prove the point we’ll finish this article with presenting to you a video of The French Day celebrated annually in Park Skaryszewski

Bienvenue en Pologne!