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British Warsaw – things to do in Warsaw

British Warsaw – favourite things to do in Warsaw

For all dear visitors coming from the United Kingdom & other friendly lands of Its kind, we created – with the utmost pleasure – a list of top 10 British favourite picks in Warsaw. The list contains not only of pubs (yet these will dominate) in this list of top stag do choices in Warsaw 2018. If you lads find a venue that – in your opinions – should make it to this list – let us know! Anyway, let’s start out simple…

Where to head for a nice tea-chat with lads?

…. with something no one will deny is British. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of good places in Warsaw that to enjoy your 5 o’clock treat. We have chosen to present the one that is really easy to find and offering a pleasant atmosphere as well. Located in the very Old Town, in a XV-century basement, the place called Same Fusy (translated: Mere Leaves) has one of the best choices of teas in Warsaw. This dim and cozy place is perfect for enjoying a moment of contemplation or a nice tea-chat with colleagues.

Fish & Chips?

All tead-up? Then it’s probably time to have a snack. But they never mentioned any decent fish & chips stall in Warsaw, did they? Here we come to save your day!

Pik’s Fish & Chips is a small size venue that will make you lot forget about being away from UK – it offers some really tasty fried fish & seafood bits – tuna, cod, shrimps and sea bream – to name a few. Each portion is accompanied by a pile of fresh fries. Oh, and you can slurp on some homemade lemonade too.

Still feel like this won’t satisfy your sublime taste buds? Here’s a restaurant that probably has every ocean & sea creature available on a plate:

Definitely something for a longer and – some would say – more proper meal during the day. Definitely worth a try!

Okay, okay… we know this is rather a guide for stag doers and we should stick to some unwritten rules of stag dos… so let’s concentrate on two most important, primal things: football and beer.

Beer goes first.

Kufle i Kapsle
“Beer Mugs and Bottlecaps”, as this place is called, will find you two English hand pumps and 10 other taps with rotating beer from all over the world, including a selection of small polish breweries as well. If that sounds not satisfying enough, we need to mention over 150 types of bottled beer behind the bar. And if you’re lucky, you may find yourself on one of the locally hosted events such as “The Warsaw Beer Trail Map”, “Warsaw Treasures”, various brewing demonstrations, beer premieres, beer history lectures and professional beer tasting workshops.

Brewdog Warszawa
Something for the Scottish lads now. In Brewdog you’ll uncover a story of Martin & James were bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK beer market so they decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to brew their own. With 18 taps pouring up to the minute home-spun beers this one will have an option to sooth every lad’s throat.

Ok, we’ve had beer, where’s the footy?

The obvious answer is that there are numerous places you can randomly pick, enter and – being kind enough – request the staff to turn the TV on to a proper channel (EPL is pretty popular everywhere). But if you fancy a true British pub atmosphere you better head to:


Said to be the most authentic British bar in Warsaw. Behind the bar, you’re likely to meet Graham, a scouse football nut. To add that extra sports feel, walls come decorated with pictures depicting all the games the British have invented for the rest of the world to beat them at. Oh and don’t miss on the English Pub Quiz the first Friday of every month at 8 pm.

Alternatively, there’s one more place we recommend, that combines the goods of beer and football and it’s called:


Definitely the biggest classic sports bar in Warsaw, with 35 digital screens and projectors beaming out action from across the world. No game at the moment? No problem! Feel free to have a quick game of pool, dart or even playstation! Make sure to book a table in advance, especially before a big fixture is coming up!

We hope the above list helps you lads finding the right spot to fill your British desires or at least to enjoy yourselves J We’re also sure, this is just an idea of what you may like to do during your stag do weekend in Warsaw. Let us know if there’s any hidden gem you find and we have not! We’ll then make a special waiting cue for those…